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Lamberts Bay

Crayfish Thermidor at Isabella's

Lamberts Bay developed from a small fishers village into a holiday destination. Fresh fish is a specialty in all the restaurants. A special event is the yearly Crayfish-festival at the end of November / beginning of December. We advise to order Crayfish Thermidor at Isabella's at the harbour. This little restaurant is well known in the whole region and is just a few meters away from Bird Island.

Seagull at Bird Island

Bird Island is an attraction to bird lovers, it is one of just two islands in the world which can be reached by foot. Cape cormorants and gannets are breeding here. Penguins can be observed as well. Lamberts Bay is not only a surfers paradise, it is also family friendly. A big waterslide is situated directly at the beach. To reach Lamberts Bay from the farm, one drives along the Clanwilliam dam to Clanwilliam and from there directly on the R364 to Lamberts Bay.