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Geelhoutskloof Hiking Trail

Start of your fynbos exploration

Geelhoutskloof means yellow wood gorge. Some yellowwood trees grow at the path. This hiking trail is an interpretation trail, where a variety of fynbos, trees and flowers can be studied. The beautiful Marchflower shows its blossoms just in March. Further up the path one will find Buchu, which normally grows against the south-western side of rocks to avoid the hot sun. Buchu was used as perfume in the old days. Today it is known as a remedy against colds and helps also to loose weight. The Geelhoutskloof trail takes about 1.5 hours if you do not have a sundowner on the rockplateau where in old days the farmers used to cut the rooibos plants. The tea was then carried to nearby flat rock surfaces where it was fermented and dried.

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