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Bushman paintings

Bushman Paintings

Bushman painting near the farm Keurbos

Bushman paintings are ancient art of South Africa. They are a heritage. The Cederberg is one of the richest areas of rock art in South Africa.


In one of the caves one can see these paintings. Recently discovered Bushman painting sites on neighbouring farms can also be visited. One of our hiking trails leads to them.

View from the rock overhang to the valley

The pictures on this page were taken at a rock overhang near the farm Keurbos situated some 13 km from Clanwilliam. To view the paintings park your car at the sign "Die Boos" and climb up the mountain.

At present only a few bushman paintings were dated exactly. Archaeologists of southern Africa are shure people were making rock art for the last 10 000 years.

Woman painted by Bushmen near the farm Keurbos

If you are interessted in the history of rock art, we suggest the book "Cederberg Rock Paintings" by John Parkington. He is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cape Town.
ISBN 0-620-31113-4


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